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Secure Bank Accounts

Most banks tell you that they offer the best rates and that your money is secure, but the economic crisis has proved that your money is far from safe. At my company, Accounts Solutions, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, I offer clients bank accounts with just as many perks, but less risk.

Cards - Bank Accounts

Accounts Benefits

When you open a bank account with me, whether it is for personal or business use, there will be no credit checks. After a three-day setup period, you will be provided with an online bank account and have the ability to transfer funds online and set up direct debits and standing orders. Funds can be deposited by cash or bank transfers please ask for Cash Deposits

Cash Cards

Alongside my bank accounts, I also offer travel cards and petty cash cards or just ordinary bank debit cards. My travel cards should be loaded before travelling, and can then be used in any country throughout the world. Petty cash cards are loaded from a central organisation, then used for petty cash and all the items paid for are analysed.

Offshore Bank Accounts

I also open offshore bank accounts starting from £350.00. They come with online banking as well as telephone banking. Debit cards can also be provided if requested

Associated Costs: To open an individual Personal online account costs £12.50 per month

To open a Business Online account costs £85.00 initial fee  plus £15.00 per month

Interest is paid on balances on the account quarterly.

You can also transfer funds to your debit card at no extra cost.

If you do not have a debit card but need one  I can provide you with a debit card which can be used anywhere world wide, associated cost is £5 per month per balance on the card. Set up fee £10.00. If there is no balance there would be no fees charged.

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